Vibrational Analysis Siesmo Graph

All bodies have certain frequencies at which they vibrate. The ability to determine these “natural frequencies” and the corresponding mode shapes is critical to many areas of engineering. Hand calculations provide an approximation of the fundamental modes of vibration for simple structures, but the resolution and range of these methods is limited.

FEA vibration analysis enables detailed calculation of all natural frequencies and mode shapes for assemblies of any form or complexity. In addition to this, forced vibration analysis can be executed to determine the response of a structure to various types of loading from excitation.

Typical forced vibration analysis includes:

• Harmonic Analysis
• Random Vibration Analysis
• Response Spectrum Analysis
• Full Transient Dynamic Analysis

After the response of the system has been calculated, then a stress analysis may be undertaken to determine the stresses and deflections in the system. With the ability to quantify forced vibration response, we are able to offer our Design Optimisation services in order to fine tune a design to a specific set of performance criteria. We are able to adjust the natural frequencies of a component/assembly or structure due to our core understanding of the engineering discipline, which will enable our clients to meet specific stress levels and fatigue life.

We offer our expertise to a broad range of clients, with typical clients within the following sectors:

• Aerospace
• Materials Handling
• Oil & Gas
• Lifting Equipment
• Automotive