We will concurrently size and substantiate your designs, by employing a methodical investigation of the stability, strength, and rigidity of your structure. Our objective is to ensure that a structure is produced which is capable of resisting all of the applied loads without failure during its intended life. We utilise traditional hand calculations and FEA methods, to ensure design compliance of structures, for all load cases. Our engineering consultancy structural analysis services typically include (but not limited to) the following assessments:

Serviceability checks:

• lateral and axial buckling of members
• bending, torsion, tension, shear and combined stress checks
• bolted, welded and pinned joint assessment
• Overturning/collapse checks

Ultimate Limit State checks:

• Beyond design basis assessments of the above checks.
• Ultimate capacity checks


We utilise traditional stress analysis hand calculations and expert FEA methods to provide optimised structural design. We have expert capability in the design for machined, injection moulded, fabricated, cast and composite assemblies and components.

Mechanika will design your equipment from first principles, using our expert hand calculation and FEA capabilities. Our engineering services include:

• Structural Sizing
• Structural Optimisation & Weight Reduction
• Material Selection
• Joint Design (Bolting, Riveting, Welding, Bonding)
• Injection Moulded Assemblies & Components (Plastics)
• Composites

Mechanika specialise in the design of structures and components experiencing:

• Static Loading
• Dynamic Loading
• Fatigue
• Extreme Temperature Environments
• Impact & Crash Loading
• Vibration & Harmonic Loading
• Seismic Loading