In many situations traditional stress hand calculations can be the most cost effective and quickest option in order to assess the performance of a design, carry out scoping calculations to underpin a design and conduct part/member sizing of an assembly or structure.  Mechanika provides the complete range of structural design and stress analysis utilising traditional stress hand calculations, right the way through to high level FEA.  Our core expertise of hand calculation execution and documentation has been acquired from numerous years of working in highly regulated industries. The style, format and expert level content of our hand calculations is a skill-set that has been tailored to suite high level industry for document submission and approval.

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Typical elements of a calculation include:

  • Structural Design & Sizing
  • Bolted Joint Assessment
  • Welded Joint Assessment
  • Fatigue life assessment
  • Industry Codes & Standards Compliance
  • Structural Design Troubleshooting
  • Elastic impact assessment

Our hand calculations are normally drafted in MathCAD and can also be provided in either electronic or bound paper format.

Our calculations are authored to the highest of standards and where necessary in compliance with relevant international standards such as British Standards, ISO, FEM, ASME, ACSE and various international design codes. Where a primary design code or standard does not exist for the equipment in question, then Mechanika are able to establish a set of permissible criteria to ensure that your designs are safe and fit for intended use.

Where more complex analysis is required, we can offer our exert services in FEA Stress Analysis