Mechanika is one of the minorities of elite outfits in the UK with the ability to offer full Seismic Assessment, Design and Qualification. We have carried out many seismic assessments for high integrity equipment and structures for many applications, for equipment such as cranes, remote handling applications, walkways, bogies and travelling devices.

Seismic Analysis Wireframes

Mechanika can comply with any relevant worldwide codes. We also have significant experience in the seismic assessment of mobile equipment in South America, where seismic activity is prevalent.

We specialise in the use of the following seismic analysis techniques:

• Equivalent Static Methods
• Response Spectrum Analysis
• Non-linear Transient Dynamic Analysis

We are proud of our competency as a specialist in seismic analysis, seismic design and seismic qualification reports for mechanical and structural systems, including:

• Material Handling Plants & Equipment
• Buildings and Structures
• Mechanical Equipment

Using our specialist FEA capabilities, we can simulate the response of a system to seismic loading and then carry out detailed stress analysis to determine the suitability of the structure for seismic conditions. Depending on the type and size of the equipment being analysed, we have the ability to have physical forced vibration testing carried out to enable a robust proof of structural conformity along with our rigorous analysis reports.