Traditional mechanical design is based on static or pseudo-static loading; loading which does not vary over time. This methodology is easier to compute, because the effects of momentum are ignored. However, this is a simplistic and misleading way to analyse a piece of equipment that will be subject to an impact. In many instances it is pertinent to consider transient load cases with short duration or commonly referred to as impacts.

Impact & Crash Analysis Wireframes

Typical impact assessments include:

• Product Drop Testing
• Vehicle Crash Testing
• Sudden member failure
• Impact Protection
• Explosion Protection

Transient impact simulations are extremely complex with long run-times. In many cases however, the engineering data recorded from these simulations are a more powerful tool in guiding the design process, when compared to physical impact test data. This is because every parameter can be metricised and the influence understood, so that the customer is able fully identify the positive and negative influences of the design for the given impact load case. This enables them to reach a desired