Design for Manufacturer and Assembly

Mechanika possesses a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience across many different industries, utilising traditional and cutting edge manufacturing processes and assembly methods. We have expert level abilities in the design of equipment for the following manufacturing processes to name a few:

• Injection Moulding
• Casting – all types
• Metal Injection Moulding
• Forging
• Forming
• Fabrication
• Ultrasonic welding
• Plastic Bonding
• Machining

We are aware of the requirements and limitations of each manufacturing process, so that designs are created with due regard for their intended manufacturing process. This approach yields a right first time design approach, where not only is the equipment fit for intended use, but it can be manufactured without oversights in the manufacturing processes, which can lead to significant redesign and cost implications.

Mechanika have an all-encompassing knowledge of the design process, which means that not only can we utilise expert analysis and FEA methods, we can also design for manufacture and have an awareness of the bigger picture. Through first hand experience we are able to understand the requirements of a product through its entire life cycle, even down to the intricacies of how the product will be assembled. We ensure that products are designed to be easy to assemble/disassemble and certify, so that costs are reduced and customers are satisfied with well-rounded and robust designs.