At the detriment to many organisations, equipment compliance with code is often an afterthought, which isn’t considered until they are far along the design lifecycle. Certain design codes and standards are mandatory for the design and sale of products and equipment. These design codes may also be written into law, so that failure to conform can have serious financial and legal penalties. At Mechanika, we are experts in code compliance calculations, which we author to the highest of standards in accordance with the relevant international standards such as British Standards, Eurocodes, ISO, FEM, UNECE, ASME, ACSE to name a few.

Code Compliance Checking Diagram

Ignoring or misunderstanding design code compliance can be detrimental to a company which can lead to expensive re-design and delays to the programme as well as heavy legal penalties if equipment is found to be non-compliant. Mechanika, however, take a lean approach to design, and we work with our clients from the start, to fulfill their functional, mechanical and structural requirements as well as those from relevant codes and standards. This can include: scoping calculations at the concept stage to underpin the design or detailed analysis to ensure the integrity of products at all stages of the product life-cycle. This way, design iterations are minimised and our clients are capable of getting their equipment to market on time and to budget.