42 m Radial Telescopic Ship Loader Seismic Assessment

Mechanika has been providing structural design and analysis solutions to the bulk materials handling industry for the past ten years, where we have analysed and designed many different types of equipment and structures. We have recently undertaken a full structural substantiation including seismic assessment and manoeuvre loading for Telestack Ltd, for one of their radial…

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ansys fea stress plot 5

400 Tonne Hydraulic Press FEA

Mechanika assisted with the design optimisation and structural analysis of a 400 tonne hydraulic guillotine press. The FEA was executed using ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 2020 R2, which was used to model the non-linear cutting action of the blade through the workpiece and to verify the stresses throughout the machine. Mechanika also modelled the hydraulic mechanism…

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kernow master 11 structure

Webbing Coating Machine Structural Optimisation

Mechanika were recently commissioned to carry out a structural verification and optimisation of a bespoke PVC webbing machine for Kernow Coatings Ltd. Mechanika undertook a site survey of the machine prior to the detailed modelling and analysis using RFEM5 structural FEA software. The design was optimised to generate a maximum working area for personnel underneath…

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Robot Testbed Structure Turnkey Manufacture

At the start of 2021, Mechanika Ltd delivered a modular testbed structure to Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK) Ltd, which provided a structural interface for a remote handling robot. A modular testbed and mobile carriage were designed from first principles, using traditional static and dynamic hand calculations to underpin the concept prior to generating the design.…

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Eductor Von Mises Stress

ASME VIII Flotation Vessel Eductor Analysis

ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise 2020 R1 was used to undertake a FEA substantiation of an eductor for a flotation vessel to ASME VIII. Company The project was undertaken for Morris Ejector Technologies Ltd, who are a UK OEM with a global supply network and are specialists in venturi equipment and specialise in custom designed venturi products…

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Pressure Vessel Fea

Water Filter Pressure Vessel FEA

We have finally got around to posting this nice job from last month: a Pressure Vessel FEA and fatigue assessment of a polymer industrial water filter at 10 bar, for use in Europe and the United States. The analysis was conducted using ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 2020 R1. Mechanika Ltd assessed the original design and identified…

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Bonnet Opener And Man

Carbon Fibre Bonnet Opener Analysis

Mechanika successfully substantiated a carbon fibre bonnet opener jig for a client in the automotive sector. The bonnet opener is used to support the weight of the bonnet and also provide restraint in the event of impact and other user fault cases. Prior to detailed FEA in ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 2020 R1, preliminary hand calculations…

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Satellite Turnnover Assembly

Satellite Turnover Machine Analysis and Optimisation

Mechanika recently carried out a full design optimisation and analysis of a bespoke turnover machine for part of a satellite assembly. The assembly was initially assessed with traditional stress hand calculations to Eurocode 3 and BS EN 13001 Crane code series, which was then verified with detailed FEA using RFEM5 and ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 2020…

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