Tottenham Hotspur Under Pitch Thermal Analysis

Mechanika recently carried out a thermal analysis of the under-pitch heating system used at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. A local FE model was created to simulate a section through the pitch, using symmetric and thermal boundary conditions. The model provided a bench-marking tool for the trial of various heating arrangements. Mechanika were able to optimise…

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number 5 coupling

Waste Water Distributor Machine Design Optimisation

In February 2022, Mechanika successfully delivered a challenging project in the waste water industry, for an array of large mobile waste water distributor machines. The Problem: The client had seen repeated premature bearing and axle failure across a range of 30 waste water distributor machine chassis. The down time and associated costs were significant. Previous…

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Radial Telescopic Shiploader Seismic Assessment

In December 2021, Mechanika undertook a complete structural analyis of a 52 m radial telescopic shiploader for use in the bulk materials handling sector. As part of the assessment, a full seismic qualification was executed. Mechanika also assessed and optimsed the mechanisms as well as the main shiploader structure.

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bag deformation

100 Tonne Crane Proof Test Bag

Mechanika were commissioned by JW Automarine Ltd to carry out some detailed FEA on some of their crane proof load test water bags. Mechanika verified the FEA results with test data, which produced an ultimate pressure within  0.5% of physical testing. FEA of crane proof load test water bags was performed in RFEM5 using cable…

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ansys fea stress plot 5

400 Tonne Hydraulic Press FEA

Mechanika assisted with the design optimisation and structural analysis of a 400 tonne hydraulic guillotine press. The FEA was executed using ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 2020 R2, which was used to model the non-linear cutting action of the blade through the workpiece and to verify the stresses throughout the machine. Mechanika also modelled the hydraulic mechanism…

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kernow master 11 structure

Webbing Coating Machine Structural Optimisation

Mechanika were recently commissioned to carry out a structural verification and optimisation of a bespoke PVC webbing machine for Kernow Coatings Ltd. Mechanika undertook a site survey of the machine prior to the detailed modelling and analysis using RFEM5 structural FEA software. The design was optimised to generate a maximum working area for personnel underneath…

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Robot Testbed Structure Turnkey Manufacture

At the start of 2021, Mechanika Ltd delivered a modular testbed structure to Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK) Ltd, which provided a structural interface for a remote handling robot. A modular testbed and mobile carriage were designed from first principles, using traditional static and dynamic hand calculations to underpin the concept prior to generating the design.…

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