Mechanika conduct buckling analysis and accurately determine the critical loading point at which premature failure may occur. We have the know-how to provide buckling solutions to counter failures and malfunctions. Structures that endure loading are at a risk of buckling under compressive stress. Buckling of a structure/system causes bending, distortion and instability; this can lead to sudden collapse and failure. Using our expert Stress Analysis Services, we offer specialist buckling analysis services catering to product requirements of strength, safety and performance.

Buckling Analysis Wireframes

Buckling analysis methods performed by us:

• Buckling failure analysis
• Weld evaluation and inspection
• Linear & Non-linear buckling analysis
• Modal, Frequency, Eigen buckling analysis
• Non-linear buckling analysis

Buckling analysis is paramount for the prevention of deformation leading to sudden failures. In many industrial applications, failures due to buckling can have consequences that are fatal.