Deep Sea Measuring Device FEA 001

Deep Sea Measuring Device FEA

A sensitive deep sea magnetic measuring device was assessed by Mechanika, to demonstrate its structural conformance at 2.2 km submersion. A detailed non-linear contact and material study was undertaken to understand working level performance at depth and also ultimate failure analysis to determine the maximum safe working depth of the device.

Compression Plate

Compression Plate Fatigue Analysis

Mechanika undertook an FEA study to investigate the working stress cycles within a heavy-duty compression plate fabrication. The assembly was modelled using shell and solid higher order elements. The principal stress magnitudes were calculated via FEA and a fatigue life prediction was carried out for the client. Mechanika also advised on the redesign of the…

Boom Structural Analysis and Redesign

A complete structural analysis in-line with the rules set out in F.E.M Section 2, Document 2 131/ 2 132, was undertaken by Mechanika, for a 30 m feeder boom. The total structural mass when fully laden was 61 tonnes and the operational distributed load on the boom conveyor was 4.75 tonnes. The analysis comprised the assessment…